Initially written in August 2018.

Back in my first semester as freshman student, I studied microeconomics and in particular ”the opportunity cost” concept and trade-offs. Then, in my junior year, I studied Game theory and decision making.

I would say that one of the few times that I applied what I studied is when I took the decision to go for a GAP year. I calculated the opportunity cost, made the trade-off, and took the decision.

In the last one year, I worked for AIESEC international as a Regional Director for Middle East and Africa instead of getting my diploma. My job required me to be present in the region and deliver 15+ conferences, coaching of national offices, and overall supervision of regional operations and financial management.

So basically, I found myself at the age of 23 accountable, with my regional team, for operations in 33 national offices who were delivering exchange experiences for over 13K exchange participants in the Middle East and Africa.

In fact, the privilege to serve the continent shaped a lot who I am today and reinforced more than ever my African identity.

I worked in a team of 24 smart individuals from 16 different nationalities.

Growing up as a kid, I always wondered why wars and conflict exist, yet working in this team, taught me that we should never take diversity for granted, that accepting the other is, actually, a process.

was lucky to meet inspiring people across the 4 continents that dare to dream of a better tomorrow. Their stories and ambitions will resonate forever in my mind and are worth it more than a few lines year summary.

My job allowed me to explore more my identity and I will be forever thankful for Kenya, Rwanda, Cote d’ivoire, Nigeria, Mozambique, Algeria, Egypt, and Morocco for that. For making me fall in love again and again with Africa.

For Turkey and France for the long transit hours and catching up with friends over a cup of coffee.

For Beautiful Asia pacific, Sri lanka and Vietnam for all the exotic experiences. For The Netherlands for being a second home.

For Albania, Romania, Greece, Italy, Belgium Portugal, and Germany for times of escape, laughter, hard work, and inspiration.

For Colombia, for being the only and unique latin memory I have.

As my year is coming to an end, I can only say that my diploma would never have taught me what working and traveling have.

We are our choices in life, and even at 22 years old, I made a choice to live my 23 year-old to the fullest.