18th April 2020 marked the end of a roller-coaster small adventure. For 43 days, I was trapped in Athens because I lost all my wallet or most probably it got stolen the day of my initial departure, beginning of March(which I should have been more careful about to start). It had ALL my documents (long big wallet, yeah). This happened couple of days before everything escalated exponentially regarding covid-19 . I was seeking a solution with the authorities to go back to Germany where I live and work. Meanwhile, Tunisian borders were closed. A lot of going back and forth and calls with embassies and authorities to finally being able to write this post today from my house in Bonn where I start my self-isolation for the next 14 days. Yet, I wanted to share couple of things out of this experience.

One: I actually weirdly at points enjoyed solving this shitshow with its ups and downs. As my friend told me that it is quite a story to tell on how I lived the pandemic.

Two and most importantly: At many times, especially when I started to feel bored of being stuck waiting for an approval, I reflected on how those who cannot have a passport for political reasons or refugees have to go through, which is for sure one million times more complicated because, at the end of the day, I was a resident in Germany so I was able to go back.

Three: Laws and procedures are challenged in these times and had to adapt under a pandemic so why just making it easier in normal life anyways.

Four: Borders in general is just a stupid idea and if you think otherwise, try to read "Utopia for realists", it might change your mind. Five: I realized that I am resilient thanks to that one year spent all across Middle East and Africa. I am forever grateful AND not to mention that Greece is such a great place to be stuck at even if I had to #stayhome.

Lastly, When I took the flight today, I was as happy as my first flight ever. I tried to enjoy the moment as only God knows when will be my next takeoff and GOSH I love airports. Thanks to both Tunisian and German embessies in Athens for your support and to all amazing friends for hosting me 🙏

Written April 18th 2020

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